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The London Acupuncture Space was founded in 2000 by Charlotte Steed, a highly experienced and renowned London acupuncturist, reflexologist, and clinical nutritional therapist.

The London Acupuncture Space specialises in fertility acupuncture, pregnancy acupuncture, fertility reflexology and, maternity reflexology.

The London Acupuncture Space promote optimum health and well being and provide a professional, integrated sanctuary for adults, babies and children.

We have London acupuncture clinics and London reflexology clinics in Canary Wharf (E14), Harley Street (WG1) and Blackheath (SE3).

Fertility and Pregnancy Clinics:

Our team have invaluable fertility acupuncture and pregnancy experience. Charlotte Steed worked at the Zita West Clinic and is a Zita West trained fertility and obstetrics acupuncturist.

The London Acupuncture Space seek to optimise natural conception and improve the pregnancy success rates of IVF and fertility treatment. Equally, we aim to promote a viable, healthy pregnancy and natural birth.

Our team offer an integrated approach to fertility and pregnancy combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern findings coming from clinical trials and scientific research.

The London Acupuncture Space run educational workshops in hospital assisted conception units, maternity units and birth centres. Our quality acupuncture workshops cater for fertility consultants, gynaecologists and obstetricians, midwives, embryologists, and nurses.

The London Acupuncture Space team are members of the British Acupuncture Council, London Acupuncture Childbirth Team, Fertility Acupuncture Network and The British Fertility Society, which represents professionals involved in the science and practice of human fertility, reproductive medicine and biology.

The London Acupuncture Space offer specialist acupuncture and reflexology services for:

Baby and Children Clinics:

The London Acupuncture Space offer specialist services in Paediatrics. Our London acupuncture and reflexology clinics treat new born babies, young children & teenagers.

We have undergone post-graduate training at Westminster University in Shonishin 'no-needle' children's therapy in addition to paediatric acupuncture and reflexology.

Our London acupuncture clinics treat a wide range of conditions such as; colic, allergies, hayfever, asthma, colds, chest infections with great success.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Clinics:

The London Acupuncture Space is affiliated to The London Facial Acupuncture Clinic.

Facial acupuncture is a luxurious cosmetic beauty therapy.

Facial acupuncture offers a natural anti-ageing alternative to surgery, and chemical peels.

Acupuncture & Reflexology Clinics:

The London Acupuncture Space work with health and medical professionals and offer a portfolio of services to support general health conditions:

Our London Acupuncture Clinics

Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic
The Canary Wharf Clinic
51, Cannon Workshops
Cannon Drive
Off Hertsmere Road
Canary Wharf
E14 4AS
Map & Directions

07748 901873 for bookings


Blackheath Acupuncture Clinic
151 Old Dover Road
London SE3 8SY

07748 901873 for bookings


Wimpole Street Acupuncture Clinic
at The London Acupuncture Clinic
57A Wimpole Street
London W1G 8PY

07748 901873 for bookings



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If your condition is not listed, please email The London Acupuncture Space and we will happily respond to your enquiry.
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